Serap Aksoy

Our lab studies multiple aspects of tsetse flies, the vectors of African trypanosomes. Trypanosomes are the causative agents of the devastating Sleeping Sickness disease in Sub-Saharan Africa. The lab’s work spans a range of projects including tsetse immunity, reproduction and symbiosis, tsetse-symbiont and trypanosome interactions, tsetse genomics and population genetics, and trypanosome developmental processes in tsetse. The ultimate goal of our work is to improve current control methods and/or develop novel strategies to reduce or eliminate the transmission of Sleeping Sickness in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The tsetse Genome has made the cover of Science magazine!

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Serap Aksoy: (203) 737-2180
Lab: (203) 737-4134
Fax: (203) 785-4782
E-mail: serap.aksoy@yale.edu

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