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Galán Lab Movies

This page contains Quicktime versions of videos recorded during the course of our research. They show different aspects of the interaction of Salmonella with host cells. These videos are linked to our publication. Please feel free to download them for your personal use, but we ask that you do not distribute them or display them for public use. If you are interested in obtaining copies of these videos for educational purposes, please contact us.

Note: These movies are quite large. Download time may be very long, depending on the speed of your connection.

Interaction of Salmonella with cultured intestinal epithelial cells

6.9 Mb Quicktime Movie. with cultured intestinal Henle-407 cells results in the induction of profound cytoskeletal rearrangements that ultimately lead to membrane ruffling and macropinocytosis.

3D projection of Salmonella -induced actin cytoskeleton rearrangements.

25 Mb Quicktime Movie. (For better effect use 3D glasses).

Interaction of Salmonella with cultured J774A.1 macrophages

6.8 Mb Quicktime Movie. Salmonella spp. are cytotoxic for cultured macrophages. The cytotoxicity is initially manifested by the inhibition of the membrane ruffling and macropinocytic activities of the infected macrophages and is subsequently followed by cell death. Macrophages killed by Salmonella spp. exhibit features of apoptosis such as condensation and fragmentation of the chromatin, membrane blebbing, the presence of cytoplasmic nucleosomes, and apoptotic bodies. Cytotoxicity does not require bacterial internalization since cytochalasin D, a drug that prevents bacterial uptake, does not prevent Salmonella-induced macrophage cell death. However, the cytotoxic effects are strictly dependent on the expression of the invasion-associated Type III protein secretion system encoded at centisome 63 of the Salmonella chromosome.

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